29 Mai

Like Fata Morgana

Destination Wedding Inspiration

„It was probably nothing but it felt like the world“

Like Fata Morgana

Like a story from a man’s point of view who is incredulously watching his breathtakingly beautiful wife and keeps asking himself if this could possibly be real or if it is just an amazing dream. She is playing with his senses – just like a Fata Morgana.

With our work we want to touch people’s hearts, to evoke emotions and to tell stories – for example by portraying our bridal couples’ unique love stories as well as through our inspiration shoots. For this to happen, we carefully select the individual components of a shooting or a wedding, because only with this great care the story can be as harmonious and unique as we envision.

During this shoot we worked with a real Handira from Morocco – a wedding blanket that moroccan brides used to wear about 100 years ago as a handmade gift from their mothers and sisters. Authentic and one-of-a-kind details like this enrich our stories and bring them to life. Our ingredients were the raw and natural surfaces of sand, wood, bast fibers and velvet, soft movements, refractions of light, double exposures, fog and wind. They worked as the frame for this story and completed our vision. 

Like Fata Morgana is a concept for exotic and sensual couples, which appreciate earthy colors and natural materials. They are vivacious, passionate and possibly from different cultural groups.

CREDITS: Production, Art Direction, Design & Styling, Florals:  Blue & Ivory  I  Photography: Merve and Nils   I   Videography: iek films   I  Stationery:  Blue & Ivory  I  Dress: Anna Kara "SASHA" from Bridal Store Victoria Rüsche  I  Hair & Make-Up: Nicole Le Make-Up Artist  I  Model: Arshea


featured on Utterly Engaged  and   Frieda Therés